Commentary and Blog

This is a collection of published commentaries (where reprinting is allowed) as well as a personal blog. It will be sporadically updated - or more regularly if the time and place are right - to share my thoughts and commentary on various issues related to science and ethics.

A Family Day Reflection (2024)

Mon, Feb 19, 24

A short reflection on chosen family

Rainbow crosswalk vandalism isn’t just an isolated local event, but a national problem

Thu, Mar 05, 20

The reality is that defacing rainbow crosswalks is quite obviously a nation-wide problem.

Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classrooms for Equitable Active Learning

Sun, May 05, 19

A summary of my presentation at the Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning on LGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces. "Quick tips" included!

LGBTSTEMinar 2019

Sat, Jan 12, 19

The LBGTSTEMinar was easily one of the most impactful events I've been to in my (short) lifetime. Photo - © Institute of Physics/Piers Macdonald

A New Years Eve Reflection

Mon, Dec 31, 18

Good, Bad, and Next Year.

Gay Blood Vs. Gay Sperm Donation - A Disconnect

Sun, Dec 02, 18

I've long argued that Canadian Blood Services and Health Canada's current regulation regarding the Gay Blood Ban is misguided. Is Health Canada getting it wrong again with the Assisted Human Reproduction Act?

Why we are not ready for genetically designed babies

Tue, Nov 27, 18

Written by Françoise Baylis, Graham Dellaire, and Landon J. Getz, originally published at The Conversation.

Thicker Than Water - Slow Movement on Blood Policy

Fri, Oct 26, 18

Landon J. Getz provides an update on Canadian Blood Services’ progress in updating outmoded policies on gay blood donation.

The Privacy Implications of Human DNA Sequencing

Fri, May 11, 18

Landon J. Getz explores the privacy minefield of commercial DNA Sequencing, and how it has become relevant in recent news.

A Reflection on Blood Donation Policy in Canada

Thu, Aug 24, 17

Landon J. Getz reflects oi the current sexual abstention period within Canada for blood donations by men who have sex with men.